If you go down the Soviet street, at the end of it you will see the Lower Park and the Revolution Square:

So here's the Revolution Square, a monument to the Participants of the Revolution and the Peter and Paul Chapel:

Frunze Street, Manor house merchant Shelikhov:

If you turn to Karl Marx street, you will get to one of the squares with a fountain - Peter the Great Square:

... and on the flower beds on this square grow ... reeds (???). Maybe they are not reeds, but it looks very similar)))

Then you can cross the road and get to the Lower Park:

Fluffy figures))) You might think that they are made from the real grass if you look from a distance. But it's not so :(

Fountain "Lipa" (Tilia), it resembles the fountain-cracker "Dubok" in Peterhof:

Another sight of the Lower Park is a monument to the photographer:

A bit of Lipetsk geometry)

And this is ... the Concert Hall of awesome color :))

Petrovsky Proezd (street) and Komsomolsky pond are located on the other side of the Lower Park). Komsomolsky pond is also full of fontains:

Near the Komsomol pond the monument "300 years of Lipetsk" is located. The form of monument is a ship, because Lipetsk has participated in the creation of the navy.

If you turn from Petrovsky Proezd and climb the stairs (and yes, it's also with fountains!), you can get to the Cathedral Square:

The Cathedral Square was surprisingly empty and deserted O_o

To the left of the Cathedral is located the building of the city administration, accompanied by a monument to Lenin and ... a nice flower bed:

Plekhanov Street, leading to the Theater Square:

The Theater Square, a sculpture "Lady with a Dog" and very unusual street lights :)

...and, of course, here are the fountains!

Ekaterina Mangorielle,

July 2018

Although Lipetsk is considered to be an industrial city, it certainly does not mean that there is absolutely no remarkable places and sights)) We have been walking along Lipetsk for a day and visited the most part of the remarkable places which it would be interesting to see :)


The distance from Moscow to Lipetsk is about 450 km, it can be reached by car on the M-4 highway in 4-5 hours, depending on the road situation.


Lipetsk is located on the banks of the Voronezh River, but there is also a small river Lipovka. According to the map - it's somewhere below :))


photos and notes from my trip

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There are many cafes in the center of the city, some of them are located on Sovetskaya Street. For example, the coffee house Urban Bakery, where we saw this wonderful old-fashioned scales!)

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