Postcard mockups to showcase illustrations

on Instagram

I want to share several postcards mockups with you, I made these photos for showing single illustrations on Instagram.


Every mockup is a JPG file sized 1500х1500 рх, and as practice shows, this size is enough for Instagram. JPG file wasn't chosen by chance because probably, you already have an app for your smartphone that allows you to combine images.


You'll need Photoshop to combine your illustrations and a mockup, but all your actions will be extremely simple.


Step 1


Open the mockup in Photoshop and drag the artwork you want to blend with the mockup onto a new layer.

Step 2


Rotate your artwork using the CTRL + T keyboard shortcut so that it aligns with the mockup. If necessary, you can slightly increase the size of the illustration, but you should not stretch it too much.

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Step 3


Then you have to change the Blending Mode of the layer with your artwork to Multiply, so you don't have to cut your image and the white background will be ignored.

Step 4


Using this Blending Mode the illustration may not be bright as you do not combine it with a completely white sheet. The brightness can be corrected either on Instagram itself, or using Adjustment Layers in Photoshop (for example, Levels).

So click on the preview images to download the mockups:

The following materials are used in mockups:

- Hahnemühle postcard paper;

- Background photos from one of our Soap stores.



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